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Mistakes happens, the important thing is that there is someone who solves them

As a manger in a public company, I was transferred for an interim assignment from Rome to Milan.
Not wanting to enroll in a gym in a new city, I determined the best way to keep up with my personal fitness program, was to purchase an exercise treadmill machine. I wanted it delivered in Rome but by mistake, the online seller mistakenly delivered it to my address in Milan.

Not knowing how to resolve the situation, I needed someone to help me with packing and shipping this bulky item (which was now taking up precious space in the front hall of my apartment in Milan) back to my home in Rome. I went straight to the nearest MBE Center in Milan for a solution. 

The bulky item was picked up directly from the customer’s apartment in Milan, custom-packed with specialized protective materials and reinforcement and shipped via express courier arriving promptly in Rome three days after it had first crossed the customer’s doorstep in Milano.

A small path deviation, but thanks to MBE, the treadmill arrived at the correct destination as new as when it came out from the factory."
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