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Invest in a warehouse, hire staff, manage people, organize logistics…better concentrate on selling instead.

Two business partners of Massafra, in the south of Italy, decided to start to the sale of typical products of their area with an e-commerce website called "Odori e Sapori di Puglia". There was only one problem: the capability to warehouse and distribute the new volume of goods being sold through the online channel. Could the local MBE Center provide the answer?

Initially the owners inquired about pure storage space.  Upon further listening to the company’s plans, it became clear that management of the e-commerce sales channel would entail a whole host of capabilities and requirements. Everything from the organization of receiving and stockpiling a diverse portfolio of products from many manufacturers to the organization and management of the sales-to-shipment fulfillment process, could overwhelm the company’s capacity. Entrusting the entire fulfillment operations to MBE turned out to be the lowest risk option. And it worked!

Storage of goods, selection of product from the warehouse, order processing and fulfillment packing and shipping all done, including inventory control and returns. The company could maintain its focus on its core business, leaving MBE to manage the logistics of their online sales.

Our needs were met through a comprehensive solution, an array of professional fulfillment services and a fair cost-value proposition….that simply made good business sense for us."
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