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Mail Boxes Etc. offers the best solution for packing and shipping…full stop. Decades of experience, professionalism and expertise makes solving virtually any transport challenges possible.
  • Luggage and sport equipment shipping
  • Wine shipping
  • Travel light thanks to the Mail Boxes Etc. luggage and sports equipment shipping service. Avoid having to carry weight, extra costs and waiting at the airport. Contact MBE.

  • If you need to ship the wine, whether you are a private or company, if it is a bottle or a lot more, MBE has the right solution for you.

  • 2022 Shipping prices information
  • European shippings
  • Considering the structural trends of the shipping market and following the pricing policies already published by our partners, Mail Boxes Etc.  ("MBE") will update its shipping rates as of January 1, 2022. 

  • Mail Boxes Etc. manages your shipments throughout Europe, both to EU countries or not. By shipping documents, envelopes, parcels up to pallets and beyond everything is all handled from the start to the delivery, even any customs procedure.

  • Worldwide shippings
  • Pallets shipping
  • With Mail Boxes Etc. you can get to your documents, objects and products around the World using certified packaging and comply with exports and imports regulations of various states.

  • Em cada Centro Mail Boxes Etc., pessoal especializado empacota e embala os seus objectos cuidadosamente de forma a que estes cheguem intactos ao seus destino.

  • Isothermal shippings
  • National shippings
  • Na MBE pode adquirir a embalagem perfeita para cada objecto.
    Se prefere tratar pessoalmente da embalagem dos objectos que tem de enviar, pode escolher aquilo de que precisa de entre uma ampla gama de materiais profissionais.

  • Mail Boxes Etc. manages your shipments throughout Italy, whether you need to ship a single package sporadically, whether your shipments are continuous and structured. According to the needs of the times and service level the best express currier that responds to your needs is chosen for you.

MBE SPAIN 2000 S.L.. • Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 129-131 planta 12 • 08014 Barcelona (Spain) • Tel. +34 933 624 730 • Fax +34 933 624 731• mbe@mbe.es