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Fine paintings, framed in wood and glass, purchased at auction in Sweden for a private residence in Sicily.

An art merchant from Palermo participated in a Swedish auction hosting a desired collection of 15 exquisite paintings. They had serious concerns about the commercial and organizational aspects in addition to the value and delicacy of the art.
The MBE Center of Palermo was their reassurance and solution.

A network affiliated MBE Center in Stockholm picked-up the successful bid art poeces from the Swedish auction house. The paintings were individually packaged with bubble wrap, packed and separated with 4 cm styrofoam plates and inserted into a double wave cardboard casing and then securely affixed with cable ties to a transport pallet.  The pick-up, packaging and consignment one day after the auction enabled the shipment and delivery to the customer in Sicily just after few days from the fall of the auction hammer.

It is important to understand the specific concerns of each customer and to provide simple solutions for seemingly complex and uncertain challenges. The reach and reliability of MBE’s worldwide network is often indispensable for achieving complete customer satisfaction.

Relying on MBE to get something done right has to be met 100% the first time…as the stepping stone for building a foundation of trust to a lasting business relationship.
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