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From a website to retail logistic and shipping

A guy and his friends since a while revel to design T-shirts and covers for smartphones. After studies they tried to customize and print some products at Mail Boxes Etc. and give them around.

People seems to like them and so they asked to their MBE Center if was interested in their project. Together an e-commerce website has been created for the sale of customized products (cover, t-shirts, stickers wall, painting canvases); in addition to be supported in the realization of the website, the MBE Center has been able to produce all the ites sold throught it.

When an e-commerce order is generated is forwarded directly to MBE, which prints, packs and delivers with the most appropriate courier for the situation. The customer takes care only of graphic design, the billing and check its customer satisfaction. The activity has started recently but their customers already appreciate the great service both for product quality and speed of delivery.

In the end the customer I had the idea, MBE helped him achieve it and now supports him in its activities dealing with everything.

Guys with new ideas we are always welcome; often young students come to print and to "try out" if their idea is feasible. In this case the project was complex and we work there for some time but now the client begins to receive some order and we toast to success for every production and delivery!

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